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New Henty Audio Theater Awakens Your Child's Love of Learning, History And Adventure!

Give The Children In Your Life Timeless Stories Of Character, Courage And Commitment That Will Ignite A Lifetime Of Passion For Living Boldly In God's World.

Best Part: You Can Even Listen For The First Chapter For Free,
If You Like

Bill Heid
Thomson, Illinois

Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." And Napoleon said, "Imagination rules the world."

These were men of enormous accomplishment and lauded by many as geniuses.

So, if they thought so much of the power of imagination, it must have some merit.

Jesus himself often spoke in parables, knowing that communication is always most effective when found in story form. Could you imagine a story about the mustard seed and not being able to imagine what that story is about and how it applies to every day.

And if that's the case, we as parents (and grandparents) have a real dilemma on our hands when it comes to our children's future.

Let Me Explain...

Our children are living in a world that is increasingly bombarding them with visual imagery. And the effect of all this visual imagery (television, video games, online videos, et cetera) and all other kinds of image-based "education" and entertainment really create a world that's highly artificial.

And this highly artificial world, quite literally...

Shuts Down Their Imagination!

And that's a real problem, because, as The Wall Street Journal stated in an article titled, "The Power of Magical Thinking"...

"Imagination is necessary for learning about people and events we don't directly experience, such as history or events on the other side of the world. For young kids, it allows them to ponder the future, such as what they want to do when they grow up."

And our school system is not helping the situation at all.

As one prominent educator put it, "... excessive visual stimulation is destroying the minds of our children. Unfortunately, the single greatest casualty is the child's imagination."

So What Can We (As Parents) Do To
Protect Our Children From This Force-Fed,
Brain-Numbing Visual Onslaught?

That's where a revolutionary form of audio learning (called audio theatre) comes in.

Audio theatre--just like reading, but in a more fun, entertaining and engaging way--allows children to tap into, exercise and build their imagination by letting them create their own self-generated visual images and mental movies which...

Are Then Played In The
Theatre Of Their Mind!

The audio theatre format lends itself to learning and thinking, not to mention mental and spiritual growth. This is especially true compared to video.

And here's why:

Audio actually activates the left (or thinking) side of the brain. On the other hand, vivid visual stimulation by contrast shuts down a child's ability to think and instead activates (through the right side of the brain) the child's pleasure seeking side.

This is especially true of well-done, graphically-strong visual stimulation where video does all the creative work for the child...

Leaving NOTHING To The Imagination...
And... NOTHING For The Brain To Do!

Simply put, audio learning--in the audio theatre format--creates a whole different (better) type of brain chemistry.

Hi, my name is Bill Heid. I run a medium-sized technology and information publishing company in the Midwest. I am, perhaps like you, a parent (and grandparent). And, over the last decade or so I have become increasingly concerned about where our country (and the world) is headed in general... but specifically... as it relates to our children.

So much so, over the past couple of years I undertook a project to help counter all the negative programming our kids are being bombarded with on a daily basis... especially the mind-numbing visual programming.

Here's What I Did:

I took a group of employees--including my son Nick--to London and reproduced G.A. Henty's adventure book, Under Drake's Flag: A Tale Of The Spanish Main in audio theatre format. I spared no expense in hiring some of the finest English actors... most of whom are in the Shakespearian theatre and movies over there. And, as a special treat, we were able to convince prominent British actor Brian Blessed to join our team as the narrator.

Brian is a friend of the Queen and quite an adventurer in his own right. He has attempted to climb Mount Everest three times (without oxygen)... and... will make another attempt next year at 77-years-old!. He is also the oldest man to trek to the North Magnetic pole on foot. So, it was a real treat to have him narrate one of the greatest adventure stories ever told.

In addition, the production crew we hired was top notch... including... award-winning composer John Campbell who did the original score for C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia... which... is a classic of children's literature that has sold over 100 million copies in 47 languages. We were very fortunate to have him score original music for this epic adventure story.

But Who Is G.A. Henty?

GA Henty, Henty, George Alfred HentyG.A. (George Alfred) Henty was a prolific English novelist and special correspondent (or what we now call a war correspondent).

He wrote more than 120 novels and is best known for his historical adventure stories that were written for children. Popular in the late 19th Century, these books have regained an enormous resurgence of popularity today among Christian and homeschooling families.

The reason being: Henty's stories--through thought and deed--encourage children to cultivate and display the virtues of courage, bravery, honesty, adventure, resourcefulness, self-reliance, persistence, ambition, curiosity, compassion and so much more.

All of which are positive traits a child needs in this ever-changing, highly-unpredictable world we live in today, and the world they will face tomorrow.

And, the exact opposite of what they're getting from our out-of-control, narcissistic or "me" culture being force-fed to them daily from nearly every conceivable source.

A lot of famous people have been impacted by the Henty books. Louis Lamour, Agatha Christie, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Winston Churchill, Christopher Lee, J. Paul Getty, General "Monty" Montgomery and John Le Carre to name just a few.

Here's what author and historian George Grant said about Henty...

"Apparently, his virtuosity knew no bounds. The action-packed stories of courage, tenacity, and providential faithfulness left me as breathless and enthused reading them as an adult as they did some thirty years ago."

And Why Choose Henty's
"Under Drake's Flag" ?

Here are 7 great reasons why we chose this remarkable adventure book...

Great Reason #1: Builds Moral Character. Under Drake's Flag provides an extraordinary opportunity to build moral character in children. G.A. Henty wrote his books during a period of time when Christianity was assumed to be true. The main theme in Under Drake's Flag (as in all of G.A. Henty's books) is that good things come from patience, commitment and keeping your promises. And, Under Drake's Flag is an adventure that's more than just character building... it's a fun, swashbuckling adventure that gives kids life lessons that encourage making the right choices later on in life.

Great Reason #2: Helps Children Develop A Love of History.
One of the biggest problems in America today is that we have lost our sense of history. We've forgotten who we are and lost our identity. The sad truth is... as American Christians, we've forgotten what our great legacy is. This is no small thing. Just as Rome lost her way and collapsed from within, America is now perched headlong on the abyss because of our collective amnesia.

What all this means is... there has never been a better time to activate your child's love of history. It's a small investment in your child's future that will create a huge payback spiritually and intellectually.

Hidden in the Under Drake's Flag adventure is a remarkable history lesson that's exciting and extremely educational. And, it's produced in a way that...

Brings History To Life
For Your Children In An
Interesting And Fun Way!

Your child will soak up this story, ask questions and want to know more about history. And, to help open up and facilitate communication between you and your child... a study guide is included.

Great Reason #3: Best Way For Children To Learn -- In Under Drake's Flag, the lessons come by example and in story form. We all seem to learn best when lessons are presented in story form. And as any parent or teacher knows well, direct teaching and "lecturing" are far less effective. Jesus used parables to teach for a reason. (The stories and lessons become extremely "sticky" when they're about someone else.)

In Drake's adventure there are truths your child will pick up naturally and effortlessly because they are woven seamlessly into the narrative.

Great Reason #4: Develops Self-Reliance In Your Children -- One of the main lessons in Under Drake's Flag is that of self-reliance and being able to take care of oneself as a first step towards learning how to help others. It's a fact that you can't give someone something that you yourself lack.

In a world where the many want something for nothing, Henty encourages children to have patience, perseverance... and... to go the extra mile in helping your fellow man.

Great Reason #5: Role Models That Help To Raise Children -- When it comes to raising kids in today's culture... it's definitely a challenge. Your child receives--literally--thousands of messages every day in all sorts of media forms encouraging them to consistently take the low-road. Under Drake's Flag serves as a strong dose of "mental health food" in a world where toxic, "mental junk food" is the norm.

Let's face it: Parents (and grandparents) really are engaged in a daily battle for the hearts and minds of our children. Under Drake's Flag is a powerful tool in that battle.

Great Reason #6: Help For Parents In "The Critical Years." As a parent, it should be obvious that the time you're given to affect your child's character is indeed limited. Kids grow up and go their own way very quickly. God has given us parents "stewardship" over our kids for a time and, as such, expects us to "train our children up in the way that they should go." Under Drake's Flag will not only captivate your child's heart and mind, it will draw your child to real heroes during the critical years.

Great Reason #7: Critics are saying that Under Drake's Flag is the single best "swashbuckling" audio theater ever made and arguably the best sound design work since Narnia. A true, rip-roaring adventure story highlighted by great acting and off-the-charts audio engineering makes this an instant classic.

Here's The Best Part

Original Music: The production crew we hired was top notch... including... award-winning composer John Campbell who wrote the original score for C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia... which... is a classic of children's literature that has sold over 100 million copies in 47 languages. John regularly does music for Disney, Fox and the truth is... even foreign nations come to John for compositions when they need special music to celebrate huge national events! We were very fortunate to have him score original music for this epic adventure story.

John Campbell Here's what John Campbell had to say about the new Under Drake's Flag audio theater presentation.

Sound Design: Our sound design project engineer was Mark Drury. Mark is the winner of a Peabody award for his work on the Dietrich Bonhoeffer audio drama and is one of the best sound design men alive today. He's worked on a lot of incredible sound design projects including Adventures In Odyssey, Narnia and Lamplighter Theatre just to name a few. Mark told me that Under Drake's Flag was one of the biggest projects that he's ever worked on and that he believes we have almost 1000 total hours of very sophisticated sound design invested in Under Drake's Flag including the first ever "shark attack" done in audio theatre. If you liked the sound effects in Narnia... you'll love Under Drake's Flag.

Mark Drury Here's what Mark Drury had to say about the new Under Drake's Flag audio theater presentation.

Story Adaptation: John Fornof is becoming known as "That Radio Drama Guy." When he was kid, he clutched his Panasonic RQ309S cassette tape machine close to his heart, and with his dad's encouragement, started making his own radio adventures. His dream was to grow up to write and produce radio dramas. Sadly, no one was doing radio dramas anymore. It was sort of like, "Hey, when I grow up, I want to be a telegraph operator!"

Fast forward the tape machine to 1997. John was invited to write for the Adventures in Odyssey radio show--literally, his dream job. Since then, God has opened up opportunities for John to work on 8 different audio drama series. He's written over 114 episodes. John's also a published author with Zondervan and Thomas Nelson and has won two regional Emmy awards for his television documentaries.

In 2009, he was asked to help launch Lamplighter Theatre with Mark Hamby. This popular program has grown to over 1700 radio stations in 27 countries. John's latest masterpiece: The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty.

John Fornof Here's what John Fornof had to say about the new Under Drake's Flag audio theater presentation.

Sir Francis Drake, Under Drake's Flag, GA Henty
Sir Francis Drake Changed The World!

Truly, Sir Francis Drake was an English adventurer par excellence. Among his many exploits, he was the first English explorer to circumnavigate the globe from 1577 to 1580. And, although Drake was a man with flaws, he consistently made good choices when faced with tough decisions... many of which were life or death. Even his prayers were amazing and inspirational. Here's one of his classics:

Disturb us, Lord, when
We are too pleased with ourselves,
When our dreams have come true
Because we dreamed too little, When we arrived safely
Because we sailed too close to the shore.

Disturb us, Lord, when
with the abundance of things we possess
We have lost our thirst
For the waters of life;
Having fallen in love with life,
We have ceased to dream of eternity
And in our efforts to build a new earth,
We have allowed our vision
Of the new Heaven to dim.

Disturb us, Lord, to dare more boldly,
To venture on wilder seas
Where storms will show Your mastery;
Where losing sight of land,
We shall find the stars.

We ask you to push back
The horizons of our hopes;
And to push back the future
In strength, courage, hope, and love.
This we ask in the name of our Captain,
Who is Jesus Christ.

Just reading this prayer gives you a small but extremely potent dose of who this man was and the profound faith he had. And, believe it or not, his impact on American history is equally large.

One biographer even said, "Without Sir Francis Drake, the United States as we know it today simply would not exist. You see, the Pope at that time had given North and South American exclusively to Portugal and Spain. Drake, through his daring exploits effectively cut North America off from Spain. He literally, almost singlehandedly, destroyed the Spanish Armada which was the most powerful naval force in the world at that time. This secured the early English settlement of America."

In any case, in addition to the reasons above, this two-hour, two-CD audio theatre version of Under Drake's Flag will also help you...

  • Make the most of your daily "drive time" by giving your child something to listen to that is a positive learning experience!
  • Counter the propaganda and revisionist version of history taught in many schools today!
  • Create family story time and/or table talk at end of day! (For example: Your children can sit and listen while you prepare dinner.)
  • Opens the door for deliberate pursuing of character development!
  • Participate with your children in historically based entertainment that stimulates the imagination and feeds a sense of adventure!
  • Learn alongside your children about the great men of our past!
  • Teach life lessons while learning history... which... enables you and your children to understand and better "connect the dots" for today's current events!
  • Instill the fact that nothing is free and the best things in life require sacrifice. (This story illustrates how real heroes with godly characteristics changed the world following Biblical principles. Principles that are tried and true... and... just as practical for today as they have been throughout history.)
  • And much, much more
Rave Reviews for Under Drake's Flag

"When I heard about the production of Under Drake's Flag from Henty Audio Theater, I knew it had to be good. When I finally got the chance to listen, it surpassed by far all of my expectations. I instantly recognized the powerful voice of the narrator Brian Blessed, one of the premier acting talents in Britain. This, coupled with the resounding classical score from musician John Campbell, the high quality sound design from Mark Drury, and the creative story adaptation from John Fornof, all combine to bring the voice of the great G.A. Henty alive for our generation. What a great service the creators of this work have done to provide wholesome, inspiring media for families looking for intelligent and entertaining Christian media." - Colin Gunn

Listen To Colin's comments now:

"I have seven children, and they listen to audio CDs all the time. And when they're listening to the CDs they're normally playing with [other toys], because the CDs donít always hold their attention so they're doing other things. When I put Under Drake's Flag in and they started hearing the story... They stopped what they were doing and they turned, just sat there and they just looked at the CD player because they were so blown away, and just mesmerized by the tale. You could see in their eyes that they were playing up the scenarios they were told on the CDs. These are absolutely fantastic! My oldest daughter, whose 13, had listened to a reading of the book Under Drake's Flag and she said this was so much better. I just wanted to thank you for putting this together, have a great day!" - Kahlid Hassoun

Listen To Kahlid's comments now:

Utterly Captivating!

"This audio drama is amazing! It's one for both adults and children. It engages the mind and the heart. Wonderfully presented, professionally produced, and utterly captivating. Thank you for making this available." - Perry Coughlin

Listen To Perry's comments now:

"Deb (my wife) and I listened to both hours (over two nights) with our youngest child (10 yr. old son, Ethan) and his older sisters. It was such a joy to watch him as he turned to his next oldest sister with fear, excitement and resolution in his face... literally. (Especially the dark dungeon/inquisition scene.) The Christo centricity to it all takes it above and beyond any other children's drama that we've ever heard. The ongoing principles of just war and loving your enemies is so very powerful. And Ethan, who would even be animated at times while following the story-line, got those points very well as a boy could. The use of force/violence throughout is ever and always so defensive, nothing more.

When we finished it he looked at me and asked, 'When's Mr. Heid making the next one?'

Deb agreed, the audio approach certainly does open up a child's imagination through it all. You've created a wonderful tool for Christian parents to use with their children and grand-children.

Christos Kurios" - Paul R. Dorr

Listen to Paul's comments now:

"'Awakens' is the key word in Producer Bill Heid's presentation of the adventuresome and captivating life of master Francis Drake and the brave and daring young mariner, Ned Hearne. I was so stirred by the video promo that I ordered immediately. Once on board, I never looked back. The rousing and rollicking tale introduced me to one of history's premiere storytellers, G. A. Henty and his gift of calling forth the better angels of human character, nobility, courage and virtue.

I heartily and gratefully commend the team of experts Bill has gathered to tell the tale that could penetrate the dull and sullen spirit of many of our young people and raise up a new generation of bold and conscientious contenders for life lived with vigor and abandon." - John Beal

Utterly Magnificent!

"My only regret is that it came to an end. The characters are so genuinely portrayed, it is as though I had to say goodbye to good friends.

And the message of Christian character and reliance on the Almighty is presented in a seamless, natural way. Listeners will learn that fulfilling the dominion call of God on their lives is truly an adventure." - Andrea Schwartz

"In a culture where many times boys never become men, remaining in a boyish life of self-indulgence without thought for the responsibilities God entrusted to them, this new Christian audio drama is a light in that darkness. In a society where more times than not Christian storytelling presents the Biblical truth in a rather "open mouth insert foot" way, Under Drake's Flag is a spiritual audio story that delivers biblical insights seamlessly throughout in an innovative way that will engage the hearts of listeners everywhere.

Many students have studied in school for years about a foreign country but when they actually step off a plane and experience the people of the culture through immersion, they gain a true understanding that stays with them forever. This dramatic audio is like that immersion experience. The script catalysts the history student through immersive sound effects, music and acting to make history a subject forever etched on the listener's imagination. Thank you, Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty Team, for blessing us with this life-changing educational and entertaining tool!" - Peter James Johnson

Listen to Peter's comments now:


"To be honest, I am surprisingly amazed! This takes me back to the days when my husband and I would turn off the lights at night and listen to radio theatre. It became difficult to fall asleep because the dramas were so vivid, so real, and the imagined visuals were not only profound but memorable and impactful. The voices and sounds completely drew us in. This audio drama is no different except, perhaps, that the underlying message consistently communicates character-building principles while it conveys eternal truths to the listener.

Under Drakes Flag audio drama is a most professionally-written and performed presentation. From the music to the actors to the script -- every aspect of this is a treasure just waiting to be discovered by young and old alike. All should be challenged to step away from graphics, high tech media, television and gaming, and tap into their imagination to relive this story of strength, character and integrity. Our young people should be encouraged to close their eyes and exercise their imaginations and allow themselves to be captured by the story, the sound effects and the musical score. Ultimately, no listener will be able to resist being drawn into the characters and the underlying message.

I would love to see this distributed to schools, public and private alike, as an addition to their audio libraries. I'm more than impressed with this project ... job well done!" - Jan Ross Ė President, Heart of God International

"Thank you for producing this unique, sterling scholarly work on Sir Francis Drake. It is exciting for me to know there is a Drake renewal underway in the United States of America. As a hero, Drake's exciting, adventurous and innovative life is definitely worth studying. He was a man who constantly lived life with unwavering Christian character and conviction." - Michael Turner, Author of 'In Drakes Wake'

"The sound effects are simply amazing and the acting phenomenal. Our 5 year old kept asking, 'What's going to happen to that boy?' He called it his 'radio movie.' He was hooked, as will any child be who listens. It is something that children will listen to over and over." - Julie of Nashville Tennessee

"We listened to Henty this week, Under Drake's Flag, and we are a homeschool family of five. And we all loved it. Everyone was a big fan of the audio drama. We have listened to Lamplighter Productions in the past so we are quite familiar with the audio format; however we thought that Under Drake's Flag was just done very superiorly. We loved the action, the sounds we - the girls loved the love story... even I think the boys loved the love story a little bit.

We enjoyed the easy-to-listen-to nature of the book. Even though it's an old classic, it was very timely and very good word for the culture today that my kids live in. We drew comparisons to things in our world, such as persecution of the Christians in modern society, and drew connections to the Holy Inquisition and how that affected history.

The entire production was very well done. As a family we're very excited about this project and we hope that you will produce more audio dramas for families and homeschool families in the future. We appreciate everything you've done, thank you very much for a quality production." - Lindsey Cox of North Carolina

Listen To Lindsay's comments now:

Incredibly Enchanting!

"As homeschooling parents of eleven, nine sons and two daughters, ages 18-2 years, my husband and I are always on the lookout for new and exciting learning tools. So naturally we were thrilled to have the opportunity to preview this incredibly enchanting audio drama! Under Drake's Flag is an awe-inspiring tale that weaves grand high seas adventure with unfaltering faith, perseverance and self-sacrifice. It was an absolute delight to watch our children as they listened, eyes wide with excitement, hanging breathlessly on every word! They were completely captivated!

Our modern society is sadly lacking examples of strong, courageous, masculine men with hearts for God. As Christian parents and home educators we have both the extraordinary privilege and obligation to instill these traits in our sons. We must empower them to change the world and win it back for Christ, even as the world presses on every side, tempting them with its promises of fortune and fame. We must teach our children to strive and fight for something greater than themselves, and this extraordinary production does just that! A magnificent score, flawless acting and a timeless message make Under Drake's Flag a truly unforgettable experience! Thank you Bill and the entire Henty Alive team!" - Sarah Cassman, Gallatin, TN

"I just finished listening to the Henty Production and I was just calling to say the Henty drama was actually very encouraging. My whole family and I sat down to listen to it and time went by quicker than we expected. We just got lost in the drama and the story. One thing we came away with, and this one thing I was encouraged by, was that through all the trials of the characters was faith. In our life, God doesn't remove the hardships but he uses them instead to actually build the depthless character that really can't be shaken by the temptations that the world brings our way. And you see that through some of the characters when they're faced with a decision: whether they were going to honor their word, or God, or were they going to give in? It was a good story. May God bless you guys for what you're doing. Thank you" - Jeff Dixon Jr.

Listen To Jeff's comments now:

"What I loved about Under Drake's Flag... It's a message, not just for your mind but for the marrow in your bones. It's a visceral message. It's not an education; it's an enlightenment as to what it takes to be human. And you don't get to sit on the couch and be a human being. I challenge anyone to listen to this and not feel their throat pulse, not feel the blood coursing through their veins, not feel a sense of that taste of saltwater on their lips. I dare them not to be able to smell the gunpowder in their nostrils when you hear some of the battles that you've set up in this. I dare them! This is as much a message for your mind as it is for the marrow in your bones. It's a visceral message, all the way down to your spine, Under Drake's Flag will grab you." - Brian Brawdy

Listen To Brian's comments now:

My grandson was mesmerized, as was I.

"I am in awe of what you have accomplished here! This audio theatre production is enthralling right from the very beginning. It's obvious that you've spared no expense in bringing this era of exploration to the modern age as a reminder of our heritage and the people who risked life and limb as they embarked across oceans and continents with little more than faith and determination to sustain them.

This isn't mere story-telling. This format involves the listener in not just the story, but also in the setting itself. You can almost smell the brine of the ocean, you can feel the excitement of the boys as they set sail with Drake, you thrill at the suspense through the musical score as the story progresses. I love the fact that this is for all ages and all family members. My grandson was mesmerized, as was I. This so wonderfully showcases the principles and character that have underpinned western civilization for so many centuries and it reinforces them to our children--those qualities of independence, self-reliance, determination, and forging ahead despite our trepidation and fears. This reminds us of the pioneer explorer spirit which discovered this country, and compels us to believe that with these same traits, anything is possible. A production of excellence, first and foremost." - Hanne Moon, Heritage Press Publications

Exceptional -- 5 stars!

"After listening to "Under Drake's Flag" with my 5, 4, and 2 year old, I can sincerely say, we were all captivated with the storyline. Once the 2nd CD was over, the kids kept asking," is there more?" This audio drama is exceptionally written and the Christian foundation of the storyline is extremely fascinating. The characters, music, and special effects felt as though we were in a theatre. You could literally see the my children's imagination at work by only listening, which is something I feel is so important in this day and age of technology. This production easily was able to keep the attraction of my small children (and myself!). I, as the parent, even found myself emotionally absorbed by the characters. At one point in the car, during the scene where Ned was fighting the shark, I looked back and my 2 year old had the biggest eyes and mouth wide open in awe.

Unbelievable props to the producers of this drama. Exceptional, 5 stars, highest ratings to this production company. We can't wait for the next one! " - Sarah Tyler

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Free Bonus #3: The Under Drake's Flag Soundtrack MP3 download. First Audio-Theater Soundtrack ever produced! Contains all the original music by Emmy-winning composer John Campbell. John also composed the original score for C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia... which... is a classic of children's literature that has sold over 100 million copies in 47 languages... and... he insists the Under Drake's Flag soundtrack is some of his best work ever. (A $20.00 value.)

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This new audio drama makes a great gift and is perfect for passing on timeless values to the next generation. Under Drake's Flag is true "living history" that will ignite a passion for living boldly in God's world. Perhaps you have an immediate family member (child or adult) who could use this type of encouragement right now.

Or, maybe you have a niece, nephew or even a friend (or friends) from church that might find this program life-changing. I don't know. But I do know you rarely get a second chance to influence someone's life in a positive way. (Time goes by so quickly!) That's why I started my kids with the Henty books early on. And I guess that's why they're doing the same thing with their children.

Here's Why The Family Four-Pack Is Such A Great Deal!

Plus, when you order "The Family Four-Pack" right now, you'll also receive the following Under Drake's Flag Free Bonuses (valued at $200):

Echoes of the Dragons Drums

Free Bonus #1: Free E-Book copy of Bill Heid's newest book "Echoes Of The Dragon's Drums" detailing the remarkable life of Sir Francis Drake... who many say is "God's most faithful captain". Over 100 pages recovering the lost history of one of the most amazing lives ever lived. (A $20.00 value.)

Under Drakes Flag Soundtrack

Free Bonus #2: The Under Drake's Flag Soundtrack MP3 download. Contains all the original music by Emmy-winning composer John Campbell. John did the original score for C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia... which... is a classic of children's literature that has sold over 100 million copies in 47 languages... and... he insists the Under Drake's Flag soundtrack is some of his best work ever. (A $20.00 value.)

Under Drakes Flag Book

Free Bonus #3: G.A. Henty's original Under Drake's Flag E-Book with all new colorful graphics. I had my graphic design team go in and redesign and illustrate the original book to help bring the text and the story to life. (A $20.00 value.)

MP3 Lecture about the real Sir Francis Drake

Free Bonus #4: An information-packed, 2-lecture MP3 set titled, "The Real Sir Francis Drake." Discover what made Sir Francis Drake one of the most courageous explorers to ever live. This teaching lecture features author and explorer Michael Turner, one of the world's leading experts on Sir Francis Drake. (A $30.00 value.)

Under Drakes Flag study guide

Free Bonus #5: The complete Under Drake's Flag E-Study Guide and Discussion Starter. 30 pages of Under Drake's Flag discussion points, history-learning guides and story-related Bible study. Designed by Christian educators as a complete story curriculum to complement the Under Drake's Flag audio presentation. The study guide provides great ways to talk to your kids about the lessons learned in Under Drake's Flag and how they can be incorporated into their day-to-day life. (A $20.00 value.)

Drakes Prayer Poster

Free Bonus #6: A beautiful, printable copy of Drake's Prayer. This prayer is one of the most challenging and motivational prayers ever written. When read in the studio by the man playing Sir Francis Drake, the other actors were genuinely taken aback by the character and depth of this mighty prayer. This prayer will excite, challenge and motivate for a lifetime. Simply print and frame for timeless inspiration. (A $10.00 value.)

Behind The Scenes of Under Drakes Flag

Free Bonus #7: A brand new 30-minute video documentary titled, "Behind The Scenes of Under Drake's Flag" with the cast, crew and actors in the studio during the recording of Under Drake's Flag. The documentary also features never before seen "Drake" interviews on the only two Golden Hinde replicas in the world. This insider's access to the process of making "history come to life" will give you a real appreciation for the inherent power of audio theatre as a fun and exciting educational tool. (A $30.00 value.)

Under Drakes Flag membership site

Free Bonus #8: Free unlimited access to the Under Drake's Flag Membership Website. All of the above bonuses are there and we are constantly updating and adding new downloads, free resources and extra information on Sir Francis Drake and Under Drake's Flag. (A $50.00 value.)

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